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What's Happening

Virtual Programs for Adults - At a Glance

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Virtual Programs for Adults - Details

Books on Tap ~ Virtual Gathering for Adults 21+

Books on Tap Logo

Who: Adults age 21+
When: Thursday, October 29, 2020
Time: 6-7pm
Place: Virtual session

Adults 21+ are welcome to meet virtually for a non-traditional book discussion over a beer on Zoom! We will start by sharing what we've chosen to drink. Please support local businesses and buy from nearby independent breweries if you can! It is especially encouraged to buy from our usual host, Hops on the Hill in Glastonbury.* They are open limited hours for to-go sales.

After virtual cheers, we will dive into the books we read from a specific genre. We will explore a new genre each month until we can meet in person again. With a valid library card, you can explore our online offerings to find a title that fits the genre. For personalized recommendations, click here. Or, search through your own collection!

October's pick: Horror!

Registration is required in order to receive login information on the day of the Zoom meeting. Click here to register.

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Click here for a tutorial on setting up a Zoom account.

*Hops on the Hill is located at 275 Dug Rd, South Glastonbury, CT. 
Click here to visit their website. 
Click here for map and directions.

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Pure Inspiration from Dustin Pari ~ Virtual Program for Adults

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Poster

Who: Adults
When: Monday, November 2, 2020
Time: 6-7:15pm
Place: Virtual session

Sweeter than chocolate! Wilder than Wonka himself! This confectionery creation from Dustin Pari takes a look at the tale of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by author Roald Dahl, examines the characters and their vices and, then, uses these devices to create a wonderfully magical tale of motivation, inspiration and imagination. Grab your golden ticket for this lecture, and hold on tight! It’s time for Pure Inspiration! Register online or by calling Reference at 860-652-7720. Registration with a valid email address is required in order to receive login information on the day of the Zoom meeting.

Click here for a tutorial on setting up a Zoom account.

Dustin Pari-image appears with permission

Protecting Your Financial Information: Identity Theft ~ Virtual Program for Adults

Who: Adults
When: Thursday,
November 10, 2020
Time: 6-7pm
Place: Virtual session

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Image © danijelala/AdobeStock.com

We live in a fast-paced, technological world. Scammers are all around us, whose only goal is to steal your financial information to commit fraud. Your best defense is awareness. Join Kathleen Titsworth of the Connecticut Department of Banking to learn important tips to help you understand the methods of identity theft; take action steps to reduce your risk; recognize signs that you may be a victim; choose your options in recovering from identity theft, including data security breaches; and exercise your consumer rights to shield your credit report from unauthorized use. Registration begins October 13, online or by calling the library's Reference Department at 860-652-7720. Registration with a valid email address is required in order to receive login information on the day of the Zoom meeting.

Click here for a tutorial on setting up a Zoom account.

Cookbook Club ~ Virtual Gathering for Adults 21+

Who: Adults age 21+
When: Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Time: 6:30-7:30pm
Place: Virtual session

November's Theme: Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipe Pick!

Cookbook Club Logo

With the library temporarily closed, we've decided on a new place for the Cookbook Club ... your place!  :)

Adults age 21+ are welcome to meet virtually for a non-traditional Cookbook Club discussion on Zoom. BYOB ... or wine!

We will start by sharing what we've chosen to cook, and any tips or challenges we had to overcome. This month's pick is to make a new or a tried and true Thanksgiving side dish recipe to share with your fellow Cookbook Club goers! Feel free to pick any side dish recipe, either online, from a family recipe, or a cookbook of your choice! We know that you have lots of cooking to do within the next week, so keep this as simple as you like. We would love to hear about your beloved family Thanksgiving recipes that you look forward to every year. As we do not want anyone to make special grocery store trips at this time, whatever you have in the house or planned in with your regular grocery shopping trip is fine!

Online registration is required in order to receive login information on the day of the Zoom meeting. Click here to register.

Click here for a tutorial on setting up a Zoom account.

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Christmas in the Colonies ~ Virtual Program for Adults

Apple Peeler-image courtesy of presenter

Who: Adults
When: Thursday, December 3, 2020
Time: 6:30-7:30pm
Place: Virtual session

Christmas in the New England colonies was, for the most part, just another day. Celebrating Christmas was outlawed in most of New England. Puritans and Protestants detested the entire celebration and likened it to “pagan rituals.” But some colonists enjoyed an array of festivities, such as singing carols, decorating their homes and hosting feasts. Join Velya and Ehris, the mother/daughter Grounded Goodwife duo, for: a DIY apple cinnamon sugar scrub apple peel throwing (to determine your spouse) apple seed prophecies and a group wassail carol. You will need the following materials for the activities: coconut oil, white sugar, medium apple, cinnamon powder, vanilla extract and a glass jar (holds at least 16 oz). Space is limited, so registration is requested beginning November 5, online or at the Reference desk at 860-652-7720. Registration with a valid email address is required in order to receive login information on the day of the Zoom meeting. Click here for a tutorial on setting up a Zoom account.

Click here for a tutorial on setting up a Zoom account.

Velya and Ehris Urban of Grounded Goodwife-image appears with permission

About the presenters: Ehris Urban, owner of Woodbury, CT’s Grounded Holistic Wellness, grew up in a family passionate about holistic medicine. Ehris is a green witch, herbalist, holistic nutritionist and graduate of the New England School of Homeopathy. Additionally, Ehris is a Flower Essence Therapy practitioner. She became interested in Reiki as a teenager and attained Reiki Master certification at age 17. Ehris is also a certified Ingham Method reflexologist. A graduate of Western Connecticut State University with a B.A. in Anthropology/Sociology, she is also a certified ESL teacher. Velya Jancz-Urban lives her life by the adage, “there is no growth without change.” Zany and gregarious, she is a teacher, author, former Brazilian dairy farm owner and "herstory unsanitized" expert. As "Grounded Goodwife," this funny and frank mother/daughter duo believe in taking inner responsibility for one's wellness and shape their "recipe" for wholeness through holistic workshops and gal-power presentations.

A Creepy Christmas ~

Virtual Program for Adults

Who: Adults
When: Tuesday, December 8, 2020
Time: 6-7:30pm
Place: Virtual session

"Creepy Christmas with Jeff Belanger-image appears with permission

Jeff Belanger-image appears with permission

Remember the famous Christmas song which goes, "There’ll be scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of Christmases long long ago …?" So what happened to the scary stories? Jeff Belanger brings the spooky back to the yuletide time of year with Creepy Christmas, based on his New England Legends "Creepy Christmas" special that aired on PBS. From the origins of the holiday to the monsters like Krampus, the Belsnickel and Gryla, to the ghosts that lurk in the red and green shadows, Jeff will take you on a multi-media journey of this haunting holiday! This program is NOT suitable for young children. Q&A to follow. Registration begins November 10, online or by calling the Reference Department at 860-652-7720. Registration with a valid email address is required in order to receive login information on the day of the Zoom meeting.

Click here for a tutorial on setting up a Zoom account.

About the presenter: Jeff Belanger is an author, podcaster, storyteller, adventurer and explorer of the unexplained. He’s written more than a dozen books that have been published in six languages; he’s the Emmy-nominated host, writer and producer of the New England Legends series on PBS and Amazon Prime; he provides programs and lectures to audiences all over the world; and he’s been the writer and researcher for every episode of "Ghost Adventures" on the Travel Channel. Jeff has made media appearances on hundreds of radio and television programs over his 20-year career, and he has a passion for mysteries and legends.

For all library events, see the CALENDAR.

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The Latest

Library Reopens

The Welles-Turner Memorial Library reopened to the public on Monday, August 3, 2020 with limited hours and services. All users must adhere to current CDC guidelines that include: (1) wearing a face mask that covers the nose and mouth; (2) maintaining a social distance of at least six feet.

  • Services limited to borrowing and picking up holds.
  • Access to Children’s Department limited to 10 visitors at a time - appointments no longer needed.
  • Limited number of public computers available for maximum of one hour per day per user, also by appointment only, by calling Reference at 860-652-7720. Due to social distance requirements, staff will be unavailable for one-on-one assistance; bring a computer-savvy friend or relative if needed.
  • Copy, fax, print and scan service will be available; exact change required.
  • Services that will not be available include access to magazine and newspaper collections, study rooms and meeting rooms. Seating throughout the library will be limited.
  • Return materials in book drop only. Library materials quarantine for three days prior to coming off patron's record.
  • Library hours:

Mondays & Fridays
Tuesdays & Thursdays


The library plans to expand operating hours and services as it becomes safe to do so.


Temporary Library Card

Glastonbury residents who do not have a valid library card can request a temporary card. This account gives you access to online resources and will be deleted after 30 days. To sign up, please click here.

If you reside in a CT town other than Glastonbury, please contact your hometown public library for assistance.


Temporary Online Access to BookPage

Because the publisher has paused shipment of their upcoming April printed issues, they are offering patrons free access to the online edition for the time being:


WTML Building Project Update

Construction 2020-copyright storm/AdobeStock.com

Image: 2020 © storm/AdobeStock.com

April 2020: While the world appears to be standing still right now, work continues on the library renovation/expansion project. The project continues through the town permitting process. Once that process is complete, the project will be bid and, finally, construction will begin.

Library Lower Level Main Entrance-image furnished by TSKP Studio

To view the floor plans, visit the library expansion page of the town website. Right-click on the desired image, and open it in a new tab to view details.

Image (above) furnished by TSKP Studio

February 2020: The library renovation/expansion project includes a two-story addition to the southwest side of the current building, as well as reconfiguration of existing space to provide:

  • More space for children's activities
  • Expanded teen area
  • Dedicated maker space
  • Space for focused and collaborative work for all ages
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Space to house current collection with room for growth

Construction is likely to start in the summer. Stay tuned for more information as plans progress.

January 2020: The building project is in final design. The plans are under review by the required town commissions, culminating with a final review by the Town Planning and Zoning Commission.

We expect to bid the project this spring, with construction to start this summer. It will be a phased construction to allow the library to remain open for the duration.

Library Main Entrance

We will post information as it becomes available in library newsletter, on the library website at www.wtmlib.info and on the library Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Welles-Turner-Memorial-Library. Or, sign up for automatic eNotification at www.glastonbury-ct.gov/enotify and choose "Library Renovation" category under the "News" heading.

Click here for complete library renovation/expansion news, located on the Town of Glastonbury's website.


Text Notification of Available Holds

Would you like to receive an immediate text when your hold has arrived @ the library?
Here’s how to sign up:

  • Log into your library account from the online catalog. If you haven't already established a PIN, you will need to create one.
  • Click on Edit Account, just below your name.
  • When the “Modify Patron Information” popup window opens, enter your cell number in the “Mobile Phone No.” field, click on the “Opt In” check box and click on Submit at the bottom of the page.
  • You will receive a text within a few minutes to confirm your signup; text back “YES.”
  • You will receive a message within a few minutes to confirm your signup.

Please note:

  • One library account per cell number.
  • You will continue to receive email notices.
  • The service is free; message and data rates may apply.


Book Stack-Fanned-copyrighted image/Fotolia.comA Word About Holds for Local Book Clubs

Due to Connecticut State Library delivery limitations, the library must suspend local book club support until further notice. In the meantime, the Reference Department is available to assist members of community book clubs in locating available copies of items to be picked up at the owning libraries. We regret this inconvenience and will let you know as soon as we have more information.



Burbio.com is a free community-building service that streams all library, school and non-profit events together in one place through a web site, iOS app and Amazon Alexa. Currently, the Welles-Turner Memorial Library calendar, as well as those from the local schools, are available. Expect other non-profits to be added in the school year.

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© Tierney/Fotolia.com

If you are a member of a non-profit organization and would like your group's events added, please contact Library Director, Barbara Bailey at barbara.bailey@glastonbury-ct.gov.


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