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Book Stack-Fanned-copyrighted image/Fotolia.comA Word About Holds for Local Book Clubs

Due to Connecticut State Library delivery limitations, the library must suspend local book club support until further notice. In the meantime, the Reference Department is available to assist members of community book clubs in locating available copies of items to be picked up at the owning libraries. We regret this inconvenience and will let you know as soon as we have more information.



Burbio.com is a free community-building service that streams all library, school and non-profit events together in one place through a web site, iOS app and Amazon Alexa. Currently, the Welles-Turner Memorial Library calendar, as well as those from the local schools, are available. Expect other non-profits to be added in the school year.

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If you are a member of a non-profit organization and would like your group's events added, please contact Library Director, Barbara Bailey at barbara.bailey@glastonbury-ct.gov.

Upcoming Events

Something Old, Something New:

Connecticut Weddings Through the Ages

Who: Adults
When: Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Time: 6:30-7:30pm
Place: Library's Friends Room

From colonial to modern times, how did Connecticut couples tie the knot? How did they celebrate? What did they wear? And how did some of our cherished wedding customs originate?

Woman in Wedding Dress-copyright Melissa/Fotolia.com

This program uses the CHS's extensive collection of wedding clothing, accessories, photographs and prints to examine some of our ideas about what makes a “traditional” wedding and what those traditions can reveal about how ideas about marriage have changed through the years. Seating is limited, so registration is requested online or at the Reference Desk at 860-652-7720.

About the speaker: Taylor McClure is a Museum Educator at the Connecticut Historical Society. She teaches educational programs for school and adult groups both at the museum and on location. Taylor is a former high school social studies teacher, with a B.A. in History and a Masters in Teaching from the University of Washington.

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Cookbook Club Logo

Cookbook Club

Who: Adults
When: Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Time: 6:30-7:30pm
Place: Library's Friends Room

Come taste with us! The cookbook of the month will be available at Reference at the start of the month for your recipe selection. This month’s cookbook is: Whiskey In A Teacup by Reese Witherspoon. Free copies of the recipes will be provided to you – just let us know what you pick! You can take the recipes home to cook, then bring your creation in for fellow cookbook club goers on the fourth Wednesday of every month. Share your ideas on tips and tricks that you’ve learned while tackling your recipe. Paper plates and flatware will be provided for tasting. No registration needed - drop in with a dish using the featured book's recipes. Questions? Call Reference at 860-652-7720.

"Whiskey in a Teacup" Book Cover

Gentle Yoga

Who: Adults
When: Monday, June 3, 2019
Time: 6:30-7:30pm
Place: Library's Friends Room

Lotus Flower-Open Clip Art-GDJ

Yoga Silhouette-Open Clip Art-GDJ

Get ready to exercise your mind and body with a gentle yoga class led by instructor Bharti Nagpal of Sacred Rivers Yoga. With her love of storytelling, Bharti brings the class to life by mixing Yoga philosophy with a gentle yet rejuvenating yoga practice. All bodies are welcome, and no prior yoga experience is necessary. Please dress comfortably and bring your own mat. Registration is required online or at the Reference desk at 860-652-7720.

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"Build a Better ... You!" ~ Start Eating Your Way

Who: Adults
When: Wednesday, June 5, 2019
Time: 6:30-7:30pm
Place: Library's Friends Room

This lecture series focuses on health and lifestyle topics, followed by discussion.

This class will teach you how you can create a healthy eating lifestyle your way. Learn how healthy eating habits can be made easy (no more diets!). Joanna Echols, Certified Health, Wellness & Career Master Coach (MS, MA, PBC), will help us discover the key guiding principles for making healthy food choices. Gain more awareness about the most common factors that could be sabotaging your healthy eating plans and what you can do to overcome them. Learn how you can choose the best healthy foods to support your unique health and wellness needs. Joanna will be available after class to answer any additional questions or provide further recommendations. Seating is limited, so reservations are required online or at the library’s Reference desk at 860-652-7720.

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Friday Afternoon Films at the Library ~ "Funny Girl"

Who: Adults
When: Friday, June 7, 2019
Time: 2-4:30pm
Place: Library's Friends Room

Barbra Streisand won an Oscar portraying legendary stage comedian Fanny Brice as she breaks into show business, rises to stardom with the Ziegfeld Follies and finds heartache in her marriage. Starring Barbra Streisand, Omar Sharif, Kay Medford, Walter Pidgeon and Anne Francis. Rated G; 2 hours 25 minutes. Refreshments will be provided. No registration ~ drop in! For more information, call Reference at 860-652-7720.

"Vertigo" DVD Cover © Universal Pictures

Local Author Visit ~ Diane Sheehan Shovak

Who: Adults
When: Monday, June 10, 2019
Time: 6:30-7:30pm
Place: Library's Friends Room

Diane Sheehan Shovak-image appears with permission

"Deceit" Book Cover

Local author Diane Sheehan Shovak will discuss her first novel, Deceit, published in October 2018. The mystery involves a murder on a lake in Vermont. She will touch briefly on the inspiration for the novel, her writing process and experience with publication. After reading the first chapter aloud, she will open the floor to questions. Seating is limited, so registration is requested online or at the Reference Desk at 860-652-7720.

About the Author: Diane Sheehan Shovak was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. She moved to Connecticut in 1970 to pursue graduate work and a career in Speech-Language Pathology. Diane has always loved writing for her own enjoyment and to chronicle family events, especially their summers spent on Lake Saint Catherine in Wells, Vermont. Since retiring, she joined a writing group, the Writers’ Circle, and published several personal essays, a short story, and a poem in two books published by the Circle: Spilled Ink in 2013 and Here Joseph, You Take the Baby: A Christmas Anthology in 2016 (e-book) and 2018 with additional selections (print version). Diane lives with her husband of forty-two years in Wethersfield, Connecticut. They have two grown children and two handsome, remarkable grandsons.

Spirits of New England

Who: Adults
When: Thursday, June 13, 2019
Time: 7-8:30pm
Place: Library's Friends Room

Dustin Pari-image appears with permission

Being a New England native has allowed Dustin Pari to investigate some very interesting places, rich with local history and folklore. This lecture chronicles some favorite New England investigations, of which he has been part. It even touches upon a legend with local roots that has become a world-wide phenomenon. A great bit of local history colored with some chilling tales of the supernatural! Seating is limited, so registration is requested online or at the Reference Desk at 860-652-7720.

About the Speaker: Dustin Pari is a highly sought-after paranormal researcher, lecturer and motivational speaker. The author of numerous books, Dustin applies his knowledge and colorful personality to weave strange tales of the unknown, motivational tales of his own life and random tales of his own mind. His mind is a bit of a mess, but it sure is a lot of fun!

Ella Waters Concert Series: BluesGrass

Who: Adults
When: Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Time: 7-8pm
Place: Library's Friends Room

The BluesGrass acoustic duo of Mark White (guitar, harmonica, vocals) and Jon Swift (upright bass, vocals) presents an “Americana” mix of bluegrass, blues and oldies that adds up to a well-rounded musical experience for listeners. Their music features strong duet vocals with two lead singers, as well as powerful instrumental work. They also provide brief bits of historical information about the origins of many of their songs. Seating is limited, so registration is requested and begins May 21 online or at the Reference Desk at 860-652-7720.

The music series is presented by the Friends of Welles-Turner Memorial Library and Welles-Turner Memorial Library in memory of Isabella Waters, who was a generous library supporter.

BluesGrass musicians-image appears with permission

Man v Boxing Glove-copyright ra2 studio/Fotolia.com

"Money Talks Mondays" ~

Financial Self-Defense

Who: Adults
When: Monday, July 15, 2019
Time: 6:30-7:30pm
Place: Library's Friends Room

Check the news in any given week, and you’ll likely run across another sad tale of financial fraud. Even the most sophisticated investors can fall prey to it, as the Bernie Madoff saga clearly demonstrates. But you don’t have to run in Madoff’s circles to encounter financial abuse. For instance, CFP Board’s 2012 Senior Financial Exploitation Survey of Certified Financial Planner™ professionals found that:

  • More than half of respondents (56%) had personally worked with an older client who had been subject to an unfair, deceptive, or abusive practice.
  • The majority of respondents reported that older Americans are subject to a variety of practices that could violate federal and state laws and regulations, including being offered unsuitable financial products and subject to omission of material facts and misrepresentations about financial products.

This raises some serious concerns. Whom can we trust? Where do we turn for guidance? What red flags can warn us of potential trouble? Richard Cardinal will present the CFP Board's Consumer Guide to Financial Self-Defense. Here you’ll find a series of "red flags," taken from a CFP Board survey, where a consumer had been taken advantage of by a financial professional. Seating is limited, so registration is requested and begins June 17, online or at the Reference desk at 860-652-7720.


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